Verge Tour Photos


A few photos from tour so far!



Logic Tour X HBK X 35mm Film


The last few weeks have been nothing short of hectic! Tour prep, commercials, music videos, and more! Next week I leave to photograph and document Logic on the Verge Campus tour on the East Coast. 27 colleges in 30 days is going to be extremely fun and glad to have a lot of creative freedom with the work. I'm most excited about being able to shoot photos and video for the tour. This is going to allow me to constantly try new things and keep it fresh switching between the two mediums. I am also excited to announce I'm sponsored by FreeFly who creates the Movi M10 Stabilizer and Paralinx for all my wireless viewing needs! I used both of their products for the Macklemore Tour Doc and it's great that i'm able to use them for this. 

I'm also prepping for the new HBK(IAMSU, Sage the Gemini, PLO, Kool John, Jay Ant, Skipper, and the crew) video with Director David Camerena! I can't talk about it too much but it's going to be one of the illest music videos the bay has put out and will be a radically different look for HBK. David has come up with some clean concepts and it will definitely show in this video. I'm glad that he has brought me on this project to help realize his vision. I have also been shooting a lot of 35mm film and finally got my B&W back. I used a special SFX film which you can do infrared on. I didn't know that when shooting but my next set is going to be with testing that out. I plan on shooting a lot of film on the video this week as well as the tour. I attached some of my favorites from my last roll with many more on the way. 

Lots of updates hopefully coming soon!



Josh Cooley's Movies R Fun


I had the pleasure of shooting this awesomely cheesy commercial for Pixar Animator Josh Cooley. Josh has been working at Pixar for over a decade and the look of his R rated child's book definitely has the look of classic Pixar films. The book and commercial has been picked up by huge web sites like Buzzfeed and the Chive. David Fincher has even seen it because of the Fight Club scene. Best luck to Josh and the book and I will definitely picking up a copy. 


Screenshots from recent shoot


This last month has brought some fantastic projects from music videos to commercials. I'm very blessed to shoot the projects I have. Surprisingly a lot of the music videos I've shot lately have also been all natural light. Partly because of no budget for an HMI, but also because we wouldn't have any time. Thankfully I grew a lot shooting natural light on tour and I've learned to shape light with bounce boards more. All of the stills are ungraded and straight from the games!




Alice Part 1: Rabbit Hole


In my last post about Alice, I talked about the shoot and gave a little bit of the preview. Today i'm proud to release the first shot from that shoot and show a concept to final image timeline. It was a complicated undertaking but I think Jake and I were able to pull out a good final image. The next one is going to be even harder and I'm not sure if we will be able to edit it without more help but that's half the adventure! Once again a very special thank you to Stephanie & Amazing Fairytale Parties. Their costumes are legit and we wouldn't have been able to do this shoot without their support!

Feedback is always welcome!


Photographer: Nick Mahar
Model: Frida Thomsen
Storyboard: Marcus Ocana
Makeup & Hair: Maribel Enriquez
Stylist: Estasha Goodwin
Compositor: Jacob Kreitzer & Nick Mahar 
Grip Help: Hank Miller Ryan Mosely Leyla Ismen

Very Special thank you to Amazing Fairytale Parties & Stephanie Sarit Werba



Rock City

A few weeks ago I went exploring and shooting at Rock City. I decided to bring 1 lens and no flashes to limit myself and see what I could get. These are the results of all that.



Macklemore & Ryan Lewis World Tour EP 5: The End

As I have said many times before, it was a blessing to tour the world with this amazing group of people. Ben & Ryan are extremely humble and loving as well as everyone in the entire crew. Having time to think about it all after being off tour for more than a month now has really given me some perspective. I played football in high school for 4 years and the team really bonded. I felt a lot of the same comradery in the Macklemore camp but it wasn't until these last 2 weeks that I really realized it and missed it. Our editor Johnny did a fantastic job of putting together all the footage over tour and I think this last video fully displays his talent at its best. 

I can't wait for the next adventure with this group and I wish them the best in 2014. Congrats to them again for the 7 nominations and 4 Grammy wins! I do agree that Kendrick should have won best Rap Album but I think "The Heist" should have gotten album of the year over Daft Punk.